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Simple Renovations Make a Big Difference

Redefining living spaces

We’re working with a client in San Diego on their home renovation. As their children get older, they’re reinventing how they live in their house. We’re working with them to redefine their private and social living spaces, including the kitchen and outdoor areas.

Most of their home needs complete reorganization. To start, we’re opening and expanding the main living area to create a larger social space. Within this space, we’re also creating a few quiet corners for privacy and study. This Great Room also allows for an easy transition from small family dinners to hosting large parties.

Because their existing living room has no windows facing west or south to allow afternoon and evening sunlight to shine in, it’s feels dark and cut off from the outside world. We’re going to bring in more natural light through new skylights and a large opening to an outdoor patio.

Our clients are thrilled with our signature renderings of our proposed designs, which are an indispensable tool for visualization and decision-making. We’re looking forward to carrying their project into the next steps of the process — cost analysis.


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