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Generous and inspiring workspaces for employees and patrons

Employees, customers, the community, and the business ownership benefit from a well designed and gracious workplace. Our priority is creating places that are a joy to work in or patronize. By enabling businesses to become respected landmarks in the public mind, we hope to assist their success.

"Ken and his team did an awesome job of reviving our 85+ year old house. They designed an open, modern concept in the traditional environment . . . Ken is the consummate professional and designer. The process of working with him from ideas to drawing to completed project was smooth, insightful, and enjoyable. Kyle Bragg was our [project] manager and he was a joy to work with. We met many times to talk about the designs and how they were coming together . . . Kyle was always helpful and always smiling even when we asked for changes. Afshin Dejbani is their "construction" magician and is truly a craftsman and a master carpenter. He understands old homes. He recognizes the very specific needs, strengths and liabilities of older home remodeling and does a wonderful job at combining the old with the new. His attention to detail in the unseen areas and then in the finished areas is excellent. He has a unique ability to see the entire project and formulate what needs to be done to finish the project beautifully. We love our home. Working with Ken, Kyle, and Afshin from design to completion we were very happy with their team and the finished product. We can't wait to find a project where we can work with One World Architecture again."

- Katherine K.

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