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Getting a Project on Track

A look into Our Design Process

No matter the size of the project, at One World Architecture we approach all of our work with the same commitment to excellent service and design. We’re currently working with a young family in San Diego County in California to renovate their charming cottage built in the late 1930’s. Their family is growing and they want to renovate their kitchen, master suite, living room, and bedrooms.

Before they came to OWA, they had frustrating experiences with two other designers who had been unable to find reasonable solutions for them. After months of aggravation, they gave serious consideration to abandoning the project and moving to a new house. But they love their neighborhood and their home, and decided to try to come up with a renovation plan one more time. We were determined to gain their confidence and get their project on track.

We started by asking our clients many relevant questions about their lifestyle and how they felt about their home. We listened closely and learned about how they live in the house now, and what they wished for the future. Their goals and ideas served as our starting points as we explored thoughtful solutions within their budget.

For most residential remodels, we work to blend the new design with the existing structure. We want an addition to feel like a natural extension of the home. When working with existing homes, some key aspects to our strategy are:

  • Respecting existing rooflines and window patterns to keep the exterior harmonious

  • Maintaining the scale of rooms and being sensitive to furniture placement

  • Recreating interesting architectural details already present in the home

  • Retaining as much of the original house as possible

  • Using furniture and built-in millwork where possible to activate walls and spaces

Using our 3D modeling software and specialized workflow, we’reable to quickly and clearly show our clients design options to make informed decisions.

Presenting these images at the early stages makes our process of working together efficient and productive. In addition to explaining floor plans, our 3D renderings give clients a clear sense of the the look and feel of a space. With many other firms, architecturally accurate 3D renderings are not presented until the end of the schematic design process, if at all.

Our design approach to this project provides a renovation to the facade that respects the charming character of the cottage home. We carried this character throughout the interior design.

After our first meeting, we were a little nervous to share our initial design ideas, knowing how many difficulties they’ve already had with previous designers. But we were also confident and excited to share the work we had done for them, including these renderings of their facade and their living room. To our relief, they were elated about our work, and generous with praise and appreciation. They responded with great joy, acknowledging that their project was finally on track. Seeing their relief was rewarding — this is why we do what we do.

How can we help you realize your dreams for your home?

The owners of this cottage home in Southern California want their renovation to include a new front porch and updated curb appeal. (Source: Google Street View) / Rendering of the view walking through the front gate to the new porch.

Before/After: Simply extending the room and adding a built-in dining nook preserves the character of the space while allowing an easier flow into the kitchen more social interaction between spaces.

Before/After: The expanded living room provides more room for seating, built-in bookcases, relocates the media center, and adds a new window and fireplace.


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